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NaOClean's Electrolyzed Water Will Kill Viruses, Bacteria, and Pathogens without Toxic Chemicals.

Hypochlorous acid is so versatile that it’s used in commercial disinfectant applications including green cleaning, wound healing, dental applications, and more. Now you can make your own with just water and salt while adjusting ppm to your specifications with NaOClean's Hypochlorous Acid Generators. 

How do you make electrolyzed water?

faucet with water drop.png
salt bucket.png

All you need is water, salt and one of our disinfectant generators to make your own solution that can be used to clean surfaces, disinfect, and even fill up a hand held sprayer or fogger for large areas.

If you consistently order cleaning products in bulk and face shipping delays, high prices, and stock issues, then our NaOClean hypochlorous acid generators are the perfect solution. From high level sterilization to simple home cleaning, we have solutions for everyone.

Choose your industry below to see one of the compatible solutions available or go to our shop page to see all of our generators. 

We also have handheld sprayers for larger areas for faster disinfecting.


Benefits of Purchasing a Disinfectant Generator

More effective than bleach!​


Zero Toxic Chemicals

No Smells

No Residue

Save Thousands with On-Site Production

With our NaOClean Disinfectant generators you will produce Neutral
Electrolyzed water on-site for
less than .04 cents a gallon