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Does the solution contain Hypochlorous Acid?

Yes! The active ingredient in NEW is Hypochlorous Acid.  

Electrolyzed Water vs. Bleach
Sodium hypochlorite ions (bleach) are negatively charged, whereas electrolyzed water ions are neutral due to single-cell technology. This chemical property provides broad-spectrum applications with rapid engagement and deterioration of cell membranes, rapidly eliminating germs, odors, viruses, etc. Bleach may take up to a half-hour to treat surfaces, yet NEW disinfects in a matter of seconds.
How do NaOClean Disinfectant Generators work?

Connect generator to cold water line. Place saltwater mixture into the reservoir tank.  Select desired concentration using adjustment feature.  Press the disinfectant button to generate the hypochlorous acid solution. Tap water and brine solution mix within the electrolysis tank to produce neutral electrolyzed water.

How Is Neutral Electrolyzed water applied?

Apply the solution produced by our NaOClean generators with an electrostatic sprayer, or use traditional cleaning methods like spray bottles, mops, and cloths to disinfect rooms quickly.


Is Neutral Electrolyzed Water safe?

Our NaOClean Disinfectant Generators produce NEW (Neutral Electrolyzed Water), a powerful hospital-grade disinfectant with no harmful effects on the human body due to its organic nature. It does not leave behind any residue and is safe to dispose via commercial and residential drains.

Is Neutral Electrolyzed Water (NEW) safe around children?

Yes! Because the only ingredients are salt and water that go through an electrolyzed process NEW is completely safe around children and is perfect to use at home and at daycares to sanitize toys, activity areas, bathrooms and other surfaces.

Is Neutral Electrolyzed Water (NEW) safe around Pets?

Yes! Because the only ingredients are salt and water that go through an electrolyzed process.

Is Neutral Electrolyzed Water (NEW) effective against Corona Virus?

Yes NEW is effective in eradicating Human Coronavirus as well as many other pathogens.

Is it a good idea to use Neutral Electrolyzed Water to wash hands?

Yes!  As a matter of fact our handwashing stations enhance employee hygiene practices to prevent cross-contamination.

What industries use Electrolyzed water?

Our NaoClean generators are used in industries such as health care, optometry, dental hygiene, public schools, restaurants, agriculture, fish and meat processing plants, public facilities, hotels, ICUs, etc.


How are NaOClean generators useful in Dentistry?

Our NaOClean generators produce a hospital-grade disinfectant used to sanitize and disinfect surfaces in dental treatment areas. NEW quickly kills MRSA, E. coli, and blood-borne pathogens and is still safe for use on hard and soft surfaces throughout your practice.

Is NaOclean produced disinfectant effective in cleaning Medical Equipment?

Yes!  Very effective! Our disinfectant generators produce hospital-grade disinfectant that eliminates harmful pathogens within 30 seconds. Control MRSA, MTB, E.coli, S.Aureus, Salmonella, General Bacteria, Viruses, and more.

Is NaOclean produced disinfectant effective in removing Biofilm?

Yes!  Bacterial biofilm is more easily removed from the surface of endoscope and in dental waterlines using HOCl Electrolyzed water as compared to using traditional chemicals.

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