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Xtreme BioClean believes in challenging the social norm with innovative disinfection methods. Our diverse product line, user-friendliness, and auto-generation allow customers to exploit the power of neutral electrolyzed water. Our veteran-owned company provides scalable solutions for residential, commercial, medical, and agricultural facilities. Over the past year, our country faced mental, physical, and social challenges due to the pandemic. We made it our mission to uncover a common-sense approach to combat the virus and remove the need for hazardous chemical use across the United States. During 2020, poison center calls surged 108% due to harmful chemical exposure. Also, a 50% cost increase for disinfectants fueled unsustainability for homes and businesses. Our Georgia-based company is the exclusive distributor for NaOClean electrolyzed water generators, which provide safe, effective, and economical ways to protect human and material resources. Harness the power of neutral hypochlorous acid today!

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